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|Fragmented| Completly Incomplete

☂ Only the Impossible Can Do the Iϻҏѻȿʂɪьʟɇ ☀

Quiet Umbrella
7 May
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Little tip? Don't assume much, you'll find that you are typically, laughably wrong.

I am a little quiet and reserved. I like to speak out my opinion, however I can be either polite about it or a complete jerk about it. My attitude isn't snotty, but calm. With that, I have a tendency to hold back emotions, which, makes it difficult for people to get to know me. However long it takes to know me however, it's well worth it because deep down I'm very kind and caring, and frankly: awesome. Although I may not show it sometimes, I am very grateful to my friends and family, and often times I display my affection in subtle ways. In the end, I'm a good person; you just may have a hard time seeing it, but really, that is because I'm trying to hide that fact~ Heh.